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Formal: J Crew Factory Leopard necklace, J Crew Black pants, Piperlime White top, J Crew Factory Suede shoes

Not sure what to wear on interview day? Here at Her Campus Xavier, we have your chic guide to help make the perfect first impression. When in doubt, remember Lauren Conrad’s three C’s: conservative, confident and classy. Your outfit is one aspect of the interview that can make or break you, so dress to impress, but do it carefully.

Before your interview, be sure to research the company to find out what attire is appropriate. If you’re interviewing for an accounting firm, then a more polished, buttoned up look is recommended, while an interview for an artistic job would allow for a much more casual outfit.  In the guide below, we’ve put together some outfits to fit each of the three work wear categories: casual, business casual, and formal.

Casual: For a casual outfit, you have a bit more freedom, but keep in mind that you must still look conservative. You want to make sure your outfit is classy but not super formal. A pair of cute dress pants or a skirt works perfectly in this category.

J Crew Factory Flutter shirt, J Crew Factory Jacquard pant, J Crew Ballet flats, J Crew Pearls

Piperlime White top, J Crew Earrings, J Crew Skirt, Kohl’s Scalloped ballet flats, J Crew Crossbody

Business Casual: This is a savvy look that is more than just causal attire but still not formal.  Make sure to keep the outfit polished and avoid crazy colors and patterns. Business casual is probably the hardest category to tackle, but, with the right color combinations and professional touches, your look will be complete.

J Crew Factory Black top, H&M Jacket, J Crew Leopard ballet flats, J Crew Factory Guava skirt, J Crew Factory Crystal necklace

Formal: If the work environment in which you are interviewing is formal, then dress as conservative as possible. Work suits and dresses work perfectly in this category. Throwing in a classy statement necklace doesn’t hurt, either. Remember to stay away from flashy colors and designs in this category (this doesn’t mean you can’t wear any color, just choose wisely). The simpler the better! 

J Crew Glacier necklace, J Crew Factory Green dress, J Crew Factory Tortoise pumps, Kate Spade clutch

Refer to photo at the top of the article for an additional formal outfit.

If you stick to the three C’s and familiarize yourself with the prospective company’s attire, you’ll be sure to stand out among other interviewees in your perfect outfit. Good luck job hunting, collegiettes! 

Allison Wisyanski is a junior English major and Writing minor from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is a featured writer for HCXU. Allison also writes for the Arts and Entertainment column for the Xavier Newswire. Her guilty pleasures are Nicholas Sparks novels, the color pink, and Nutella. She's a lover of travel and in her spare time, she enjoys to binge-watch JFK documentaries, shop, run, and soak up the sun.
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