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Northern Hell -- A Southern Kid’s Guide to Surviving Winter

After two winters here, I’d like to think I’ve gotten used to the colder weather, but then right around the same time every year I’m reminded just how thin my blood is. As someone from Texas, I’m not used to winters that drop much lower than 30° and I often joke that I love everything about my school, other than the fact it’s in the North.

After last winter, with windchill below 0° and snow well into April, I’ve had to find a few ways to survive those long months. And I give you, A Southern Kid’s Guide to Surviving Winter.


First off, layer. Layer, layer, layer. I can’t stress this enough. You’ll be especially thankful after you walk up three flights of stairs to class, because although you might have been shivering outside, once you plop into that chair, you’ll want to get as many layers off as possible before you die of heat.


Next, actually buy a winter coat. I thought the same coat I’d worn back home would work just as well in Cincinnati. BIG MISTAKE. I bought a winter coat in the spring of 2017, because I wasn’t going to survive another winter without one.

Third, fleece leggings. They are quite literally the best thing ever. Buy ten pairs. ‘Nuff said. Oh, and don’t forget your fuzzy socks!


Still freezing? Invest in some Cold Gear. Especially on those below 0° windchill days, you’ll appreciate it.


Also, know that Xavier probably isn’t going to close because of snow. There’s always the joke that schools in the south will close at the first sight of snow (Northerners, the snow isn’t what makes schools close, it’s the ice.) but it’s way less likely to happen up here. 

Bonus: Have your car on campus? Give yourself enough time to let it defrost and your engine to heat up before you take off.


Stay warm this season kids!