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Minimizing Can Be Spring Cleaning Too

Spring is the time people do their yearly “spring cleaning” such as wiping walls and ceilings, dust bookshelves, etc. But you should not just clean and organize your home, you should also throw things away.

These past few weeks I’ve been slowly going through every room in my apartment and looking at all my stuff. In each room, I make a “get rid of” pile, a “keep” pile, and a “donate” pile. Then I go through all my things and think about if I’ve used it, worn it, watched it, etc., in the past 6-12 months. Then depending on the item itself, I toss it into one of the three piles.

After going through all the things I have kept, I try to minimize it. For me, this means I am condensing things or getting rid of things. Here are a few “spring cleaning” things I’ve done over the past few weeks.

1. Put all my DVDs into one CD case.

By doing this, it made more space on my shelf for other things such as game boards or books.

2. Put things into storage bins.

I love storage bins because they can hold a lot and they’re great for holding things that belong together. For example, my art supplies were scattered in different places around my apartment so I decided to minimize and organize at the same time. Putting the supplies in a storage bin made more room for other things, not to mention it was now all in one place. I also use storage bins for other things like my dog’s cat’s toys.

3. Sold clothes to Plato’s Closet or Clothes Mentor.

If you don’t know what Plato’s Closet and Clothes Mentor they’re basically secondhand clothing stores that buy and sell clothes. Local to the Cincinnati area, these stores will buy your clothes. Just bring in your gently used brand name clothing and accessories. They’ll review your items – while you look around – and create an offer based on style, condition, brand, and if the items sell well. I have been taking my used clothes to Plato’s Closet for a few years now and I think it’s a great way to get rid of the clothes you don’t wear anymore. Plus it’s a great way to make some extra cash.

4. Donated clothes and items to Goodwill.

Any of the clothes Plato’s Closest doesn’t take, I donate to Goodwill. The good thing about Goodwill is you can donate just about anything. I’ve donated clothes and other items I don’t need anymore.

5. Got rid of old papers.

I went through all my old school folders, binders, notebooks, etc., and recycled all of the old notes I’ve kept over the years (idk why). Now I can use these folders, binders, and notebooks for papers from a future job.

Leah Himes

Xavier '19

Leah Himes is a senior English major with psychology and writing minors. She is from Cincinnati, Ohio. When she is not working on HCXU stuff, she is hanging with friends, listening to music, working at Starbucks or eating mac n' cheese in her slippers on the couch.
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