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Member Monday Canva
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Member Monday — Katherine Gemperline



Name: Katherine Gemperline

Year: Senior

Hometown: Louisville, KY

Major/Minor: Art and Computer Science

What’s your fun fact? I’ve had 13 piercings

Role at HC Xavier? Why? Treasurer and Events Planner

What’s your favorite part of HC Xavier? The friendly, welcoming aspect.

Why did you choose Xavier?  I originally was in the business school, and Xavier has a great business school.

What’re your career goals? I want to get a job in computer science, hopefully regarding User Experience/User Interface

Favorite place to go in Cincinnati? Cincinnati Art Museum or the Aronoff

Do you have any hobbies? Painting and drawing

What’s your favorite class you’ve taken at Xavier? Villains, Vigilantes, and Antiheroes

Top 3 favorite artists? Michelangelo, Martin Johnson Heade, Theodore Gericault

Favorite Movie? The Martian

Favorite Restaurant?  Ruth’s Parkside Cafe

What would you say to someone considering joining the HC team?

Do it! It’s a wonderful experience that develops your writing, marketing, or event planning skills. 

Allison Kane

Xavier '20

Allison Kane is a senior Marketing major and Spanish minor at Xavier University. When she's not working on the HerCampus Xavier Marketing Team, she spends her time, playing catch with her "unwilling" friends, eating Kit Kats and haning out with her fish.
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