Lululemon International Women's Day

Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. Today is the perfect day to bond with your girl gang, do some self-care, support local women-owned businesses, and treat yourself.

To celebrate today, Lululemon is doing something pretty cool in all of their stores.  When you walk in, they explain that because of the wage gap, for every $1 that a man makes, a woman only makes $0.82. In acknowledgement of this persisting issue, today they are giving all women 18% off of their entire purchase.

For Lululemon, this is a huge deal, because they never do store wide sales like this!

But more than that, it is a huge deal because they are taking a stand.

On their website, they have a feature called #theother364, which places emphasis on how we can live out Women’s Day and push for gender equality not just on March 8, but on the other 346 days of the year. It’s an awesome list, and you should check it out here.

Plus, they have this super cute shirt for sale in honor of today, and 100% of the profits from it will be donated to their women-led non-profit, Off the Mat, Into the World, who “bridges yoga and activism and supports people in becoming conscious and effective community leaders”.

So if you love Lululemon, or have ever wanted to shop there, today is a great day to treat yourself to their comfy af leggings.

You deserve it, gf!!