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Is Kylie Jenner doing too much in the retail industry? The answer is yes! So many fans were so excited about Kylie’s new line called Kylie Swim, only to find out the products’ actual quality is dreadful.

Many reviewers have claimed that the suits are transparent, stitching has fallen out after one use, and the sizing is incorrect. Not to mention the swimsuits themselves range from $80-85 dollars, not including shipping and tax. There is video proof from customers showing that their product is completely damaged and commenting that they feel bad for the billionaire. At the same time, others can’t even wear the swimsuit because the sizing isn’t correct in the first place.

So why are a lot of the one-piece suits sold out on the site? Because Kylie overhyped the product from the very beginning. As an entrepreneur, you can only have so many different products and satisfy all customers simultaneously. Kylie Jenner owns a cosmetic line, skincare line, and now a swim line. Isn’t that a lot of different businesses to manage?

Now let’s talk about the website itself. When you first open the webpage, it kind of reminds you of a video game. The colors and formatting represent a cartoon experience. Each product is laid out and not even displayed on a model! Which gives huge misinformation to buyers on how the actual product fits. The variety of the different products also don’t range very far. The color schemes of the website are neon, while the products match that theme as well. I personally wouldn’t buy a bright neon yellow or orange bikini. If you look even further into the site, “mini” swim is offered as well. Why would you offer a mini swim when there are only three products to purchase?

To conclude, it seems like the launch of Kylie Swim was just a scam to make more money. Kylie Jenner can use her platform and her name to her full advantage to get people to purchase anything from her. The disappointing factor is that the site and quality of the products are appalling! The least she can do is refund those who spent a lot of money just to find out that the product is torn and does not fit.

By Hannah McFarland

Hi my name is Hannah! I am currently studying marketing and entrepreneurial studies at Xavier University. In my free time I enjoy reading, dancing, painting, and listening to R&B music.
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