Keeping Clean for Lazy Students

Let’s be honest, keeping clean is hard sometimes especially when all the school work for the semester is piling up. It’s easy to make the excuse to not clean up around you but I’m here to remind you that no one is cleaning up after you in college and if you’re not it probably looks pretty gross wherever you live. 


Fear not though because I have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help keep even the laziest students (like myself) clean. 


  1. Do your laundry every week, pick a day and commit to it. Everyone will feel better knowing that there’s no more weird smell in class

  1. Speaking of smells, shower at least every other day, you can do more if you want but at a minimum shower every other day. A little hygiene goes a long way and your body (and classmates) will thank you. 


  1. Wash your towels and sheets every other week. Your towels and sheets get dirty fast, and laundry on campus is free so just throw them in the washer when you do your regular clothes. 


  1. Clean your bathroom AT LEAST once a month. I clean my bathroom every other week because like your sheets and towels, it gets dirty fast. The one thing that guests hate when they come over is a dirty bathroom.


  1. Wash your dishes 24 hours later, at max. Food that is gone bad is some of the worst smells that can be in your dorm, apartment or house, and it takes very little time to do your dishes. 


  1. Vacuum (if you have a carpet) once a month. It may not seem like it but your carpet gets dirty pretty quick and it needs to be clean every so often. If you live on campus and you don’t have a vacuum that’s okay, the RA office will be glad to give you one.



It may seem like you’re putting a lot of time and effort into being clean instead of other “more important” things but think of how good it will feel when your mom comes down for family weekend and sees that you have a clean room.