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How You Know You’re the Mom Friend



You’re the responsible one. You have a sense of duty to look after your friends.


You tie shoes for your best friends when they don’t feel like bending over.


You’re the prepared one. You have all the essentials such as snacks, Advil, tissues, band-aids, or anything else your friends need.


If your friends have boy issues you’re always there to talk or help or beat up a guy. Most of the time you’re kinda just like, “boys, who needs ‘em?”


You write to-do lists. For everything.


You use a planner. You write all your important events down.


You tend to be the designated driver every time you go out with friends.


You clean up after your friends when they’re drunk. Even when you’re drunk, you clean up after them or take out the trash.


As a hostess, you always ask questions. “Are you too cold? Too hot? Would you like something to drink? To eat?”


You leave reminder notes for your friends that say things like, “Take out the trash” or “Empty the dishwasher”.


You always send out your infamous “please be safe” message.


You’re tagged in posts related to “You know you’re the mom friend when”


You carry everything in your purse, like Advil, band-aids, hair ties, bobby pins, etc. You also carry stuff in your car including a blanket, pillow, tissues, pads, tampons, umbrella and extra pair of shoes.


You collect coupons, pay attention to sales, and use discount apps like CartWheel.


You make sure everyone looks good before going out. “Wait, let me see if you have food in your teeth. Okay, you’re good.”

Leah Himes

Xavier '19

Leah Himes is a senior English major with psychology and writing minors. She is from Cincinnati, Ohio. When she is not working on HCXU stuff, she is hanging with friends, listening to music, working at Starbucks or eating mac n' cheese in her slippers on the couch.
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