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How to Ease Your Mind During Finals Week

Don’t freak out; it will all be over soon. Check out these tips to sooth your nerves and increase your brain power during study sessions.


Sleep deprivation is linked to a negative GPA… so get in 6 hours or more! In case you need help falling asleep faster, disconnect before bedtime. The light from your electronics stimulate your brain and keep you awake for longer.


A nice massage can relax muscles, improve circulation, and positively affects the mind. A foot massage reduces radical levels and raises antioxidant levels, improving health and reducing stress. If your roommate doesn’t feel like touching your feet roll your foot over a golf ball. If your special someone is too stressed to rub your back, lay down and place two tennis balls under your back to the left and right of your spine, and just lay there! No need to move, the tennis balls will do all of the work for you. Foam rollers also work great for this.


… to calm down: lavender, cypress and rosemary aid concentration and reduce stress.

… to remember: smelling a certain scent (like perfume) while studying and during the exam will help with recall.

… of your BFF: the presence of supportive friends has been proven to reduce stress. Friends’ pheromones naturally calms us down because of their familiarity and association with happy times.


Eat small and often. Large meals use oxygen to aid digestion and deny your brain oxygen needed to stay alert. Adding mint to your meal or to your water will increase alertness, concentration, and information retention while relieving stress and anxiety. When we say eat, do not forget to drink some good ole’ H2O. Water hydrates your brain!


Exercise releases endorphins that improve your mood and decrease health problems and stress. Meditating for 15 to 30 minutes a day will help your brain stay sharp and alert. Just breathe that stress away girl!


Cry? Are they serious? Yes, we are totally serious. An emotional cry releases stress-related chemicals, like adrenaline, from your system. So cry it out, girly, so you can get back to work! 

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Layla Helton is a senior Advertising/Media Studies major born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. When she is not writing for HCXU she can be found sitting on her couch working, studying or watching the Bengals game. She spends the majority of her free time with her "goon squad" of friends engaging in all sorts of shenanigans.
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