How to Deal With Losing Our Coach.

A few days ago, the Musketeers were informed that our beloved head coach of 9 years, Chris Mack, is officially leaving to coach Louisville.

Saying that the Musketeers are upset is an understatement.

Coach Mack wasn’t just a good coach.

He was our all-time winningest coach (with 215 wins).

He led us to beat UC 6 times.

He was the 2018 Big East Coach of the Year.

He made X a 1 seed for the first time ever, and took us to the Elite Eight.

He went to and played for Xavier. He was one of us (and still is).

He brought us doughnuts when we camped out for games.

He bought us lunch for no reason other than he loved the Xavier students who stuck by his team through thick and thin.

He loved the Musketeers, and we loved him right back.

He was more than just a coach.

He was our coach.  


There is no perfect way to deal with this bad news. But here are a few options:

  1. Cry. Cry a lot.
  2. Refuse to believe it.
  3. Drink your sorrows away at Dana’s.
  4. Eat more Graeter’s than you ever thought was possible. 
  5. Lock yourself in your room and refuse to come out.
  6. Reminisce on all of the great things Coach Mack did for Xavier during his time here.
  7. Obsess over who our next coach might be.
  8. Tweet about how much this sucks.
  9. Unfollow him on Twitter (it's time to do so, y'all). 
  10. Thank God that even though this time at X is rough, at least you don’t go to UC!!


This is the end of an era, but not the end of Xavier Basketball. Next year we will be back and better than ever.  

Thanks for the mems, Coach Mack.