How Bullet Journaling Put My Life Together

Bullet journaling has recently gained a lot of attention, but what exactly is it?

A bullet journal is a journal that is a combination of a diary, to do list, planner, and sketchbook. Simply start with a plain notebook and put whatever you like it to it?

You can set up a bullet journal however you like. If you want to break down a page per day, week, month, or year, it’s completely up to you. If you’re going to be doing a ton in one week, maybe go for a daily spread, but less crazy? A weekly spread will probably have you covered too. Weekly allows you to set out different tasks in bullet points, while monthly allows for a break down of everything for the month and future planning, and yearly is tracking future events and future logging as well.

And you can set up a bullet journal in whatever way you like.



Or functional?

Getting started can seem like the most intimidating part because it’s hard to match any of those you find online, but don’t worry about it! If need be, try making a spread on a piece of paper and just try it out. Start with a pencil, then trace over it with a pen or marker. Trust me, no judgment! And remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. As long as it works for you, that’s what’s important.

What do you put in it? I like using mine with a collection of this I want to keep track of, for example:

  • Books to Read
  • Movies to Watch
  • TV Series Tracker
  • Music to Listen to
  • Sleep Tracker
  • Fitness Log
  • Grades
  • Wishlist
  • Habit Tracker (my personal favorite)
  • Keep in Contact tracker (great when you feel you’re not connecting enough with those back home)

Why you should start one?

1. It helps fight procrastination!

I definitely have been more on top of assignments and projects since I’ve started.

2. Everything is in one place.

No more fumbling through a planner, journal, and a million post-it note reminders.

3. It can help your anxiety.

Less concern over procrastination and forgetting things, plus the ability to write out your anxieties.

4. Making the spreads can calm you down.

It’s incredibly relaxing to create your spreads each week/month, helping calm you down and see everything you have coming up.

5. You can customize it to your own needs.

You don’t have to conform to the basic layout of a normal planner! You can do whatever you like in it.

Still in need of convincing? Check out for more information about bullet journaling.