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Historical Figures That Were Totally Fuck Boys

Benjamin Franklin

He was a slave owner, but that is not the only reason why he is an asshole! Ben Franklin slept with mostly older women. The reason behind this is because because of their age, they would do anything to keep a man interested because they are “worn down” and they would not be able to get pregnant.


Albert Einstein

He was a great physicist and a genius but he was a terrible husband. He made his wife his maid instead of treating her like a wife, she was not allowed to be intimate with him, he cheated on her multiple times, and if he requested it, his wife had to leave the room.



Caligula was a Roman emperor who was self-absorbed, he slept was other men’s wives, he committed incest with his sisters, and wasted money on his own debauchery which caused his constituency to starve.


Charlie Chaplin

He organized orgies with his filmmaker and he sexually harassed women; especially women that auditioned for roles.


Elvis Presley

Not only was he racist, he was also a pervert. Elvis was deathly afraid of receiving an STD so he was prone to sleep with under aged women because they were not sexually threatening.


Charles Lindbergh

He was a heroic aviator that also had three separate families and had a total of seven children through his indiscretions. Two of them were his wive’s sisters and one of them was his secretaries.


Alexander Hamilton

He cheated on his wife with a 23 year old while his wife and kids were out of town. This was one of America’s first scandals.


Thomas Jefferson

Where do I even begin? He believed that black people were inferior to white people. He forced his slaves to have sex with him, with one of the most notable affairs  with Sally Hemings.


Henry VIII

Henry was a king that wanted what he could not have. When his brother was with his wife Catherine, Henry wanted Catherine. After he married Catherine soon he wanted Anne. When he married Anne, he wanted Jane, one of Anne’s lady in waiting. Throughout his marriages he had many extramarital affairs and treated women as objects.



JFK had many extramarital affairs, one of the most notable ones was Marilyn Monroe.

Charese Foster is a senior Political Science major with a double minor in peace and justice studies and international studies from Toledo, Ohio. She is a contributor for Her Campus Xavier. When not writing for Her Campus, she spends her time with Model United Nations, reading her horoscope and watching Netflix.
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