High School Musical: The Musical

High School Musical is making another appearance into the Disney world and this time it’s as a TV show. It’s going to be about - obviously - high schoolers singing. BUT, the difference is this is focused on their winter theater production. I have a feeling it will feel a little like a mixture of Glee and High School Musical. I’m also predicting a lot of drama.

As of right now, they're planning on 10 episodes for the first season and it'll be filmed like a documentary. I'm hoping that will mean it will feel a little like The Office.

Each episode will have an original song from the original High School Musical but with a whole new twist: new tune, new vibe! You can watch these episodes (supposedly) on the new Disney streaming service (a.k.a. Disney style Netflix).



Ashlyn is the new girl who’s trying to find out where she fits in at East High. She’s E.J.’s cousin, a songwriter (Kelsey is that you?) and enjoys the student council. I hear that Ashlyn is a little mouthy and brash too (Sharpay?). Who is Ashlyn? Is she the shy new girl, or Is she the crazy mean girl?

Big Red

Big Red is Ricky’s best friend (Chad and Troy?). He’s a sk8er boy who has a secret crush on Nini, and has since middle school. Big Red is a part of the stage crew for the musical.


E.J. is an entrepre-nerd. E.J. likes to get what he wants (Sharpay again?). He likes to supply his homemade props to the musical, even if no one asks for them. He’s confident in himself but if his plans don’t go as he planned, his nerves start to show.


Gina is known as an “entitled princess.” Gina is cast as the understudy (in her head she’s a “wonderstudy”) in the musical and is NOT having it. However, her success on Instagram as a singer starts to shake up the vibe of the cast.

Miss Jen

Miss Jen took Ms. Darbus’ spot as the new drama teacher. Coming from New York City, she seems to have a shady history with a go-getter attitude. She really believes that “musicals can save lives.” She’s also trying to get $50,000 from the school (???) for the musical. I’ve been in musicals before and I’m almost positive they didn’t cost $50,000.


Nini is the star of the show (Sharpay or Gabriella? Some will argue). She’s spent her life in the background of the musicals and now she finally gets her big break. She loves her two moms!! After her recent breakup with Ricky, she now has her eye on E.J.


Ricky is the other star of the show (can he really replace Troy Bolton?). After Nini broke up with him, he tried out for the winter musical to win her back (so romantic, go high school). He’s the class clown with a B-minus average.


Say “Beyonce” and Vikram is there. He is a PROUD member of the Beyhive. He is color guard captain and the musical choreographer. He’s best friends with Miss Jen (teacher’s pet) and already has his Tony’s acceptance speech for Best Choreography written.

Most likely to…

Ashlyn - Most likely to read your palm

Big Red - Most likely to believe aliens are real, bruh

E.J. - Most likely to report another student for cheating on a test.

Gina - Most likely to push you down a flight of stairs.

Nini - Most likely to have a Hamilton lyric as her senior quote

Ricky - Most likely to sleep through his alarm (Relatable)

Vikram - Most likely to stage a flash mob on a field trip

There’s no official release date yet but hopefully sometime in late 2019!! Will it be as good as the original movies? Tune in next year to find out!