HC Takes on Spring Break 2K17

Team members from Her Campus Xavier and Her Campus Ohio University traveled near and far last week for SB2K17!  Check out all the fabulous places they visited:


"I went to Savannah with two of my roommates (shoutout to Kylie and Maddie) and then we went on a cruise to the Bahamas with some friends! I had such a wonderful time." -- Katie, HCXU


"I went to sunny Fort Lauderdale and Siesta Key!" -- Brooklynn, HCOU


"I went home to New Jersey and played just dance with my friends!" -- Allie, HCXU


"Here's me chillin with my homies in San Juan, Puerto Rico." -- Alexandra, HCOU 


"I went to Spain to visit my brother who was study abroad in Toledo, Spain. This picture was taken in Madrid." -- Peyton, HCXU


"I went to the Cleveland Art Museum." -- Kenzie, HCOU


"For Spring Break I visited my first beach and ocean at Indian Harbour Beach with good friends and my boyfriend. I wish I was still rocking this getup instead of writing an annotated bibliography." -- Katie, HCXU


"I biked 16 miles on Sullivan's Island in South Carolina!" -- Katelyn, HCOU


"I was in South Beach Miami!" -- Saranda, HCXU


Casey (left) and Shelby (right) at the Civil Rights Memorial in Montgomery, Alabama. --Casey and Shelby, HCOU


"Here's a picture of me in historic Jamestown, VA, America's birthplace! I was trying on some (really heavy!) armor that settlers of the Virginia Company would have worn. Who says Spring Break can't be educational? " -- Margot, HCXU


Meghan (left) and KC (right) visiting Miami U. -- Meghan and KC, HCOU


"Here is a photo from many XU ladies who went to El Salvador for an Alternative Break. The theme of this trip was Realities of Post War Communities. This photo in particular was taken on International Women's day, with the campesinas from Guarjila, El Salvador, who we did a homestay with." -- Luz, HCXU


"Vacationing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with some of my best girlfriends! Also, I had a great window view of Fort Lauderdale beach on my way home from the best week ever." -- Rachel, HCOU

"I went home to Maine!" -- Amber, HCXU