Happiness Begins Tour: A Review



As I walked into Bankers Life Fieldhouse on a Friday night in downtown Indianapolis, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by excitement. At long last, I was about to see the Jonas Brothers live in concert. It had been a long 12 years since I last saw them when they opened up for Hannah Montana. I was no longer a child, and neither were the group of girls next to me who were drunk off of Bud Light. But we were all here for the same thing: to see a group of hot-ass brothers reunite onstage. And, boy, they did not disappoint.

The Jonas Brothers could have sat on stage for two hours and done absolutely nothing and we still would have all showed up. However, they went out of their way to put on a fantastic show. First off, their production was incredible. It’s some of the best I have ever seen. They had the main stage in the front of the arena and a b-stage in the back. The main stage wasn’t as huge as some are, but they still made good use of it. All three brothers made a good effort to walk around all parts of the stage so that all fans could be close to them. On this tour, there was no “Kevin side” or “Nick side”- all three brothers shared the stage evenly. The b-stage was also cool because it lifted up and slowly rotated. Again, fans in all parts of the arena could have the chance to be close to their favorite brother. I also found it interesting how they went back and forth from the b-stage multiple times. Most artists only go over once during their show, so I found it unique that they went multiple times. I also really enjoyed the videos they played in between transitions. It was very nostalgic to see them represented as younger kids, or to see clips from their earlier days as a band.

And of course, I couldn’t talk about the production of the show without mentioning the fireworks. And the confetti,  And the inflatable noodles. And the pyro. And all the different ways they popped up onstage. (My personal favorite was when they came from above on a platform during Rollercoaster.) It was all the details and the effort put into the production that really made this concert stand out from a lot of other concerts I’ve seen, especially by male artists.

Most importantly, the setlist for this tour was so solid. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for artists to put together a setlist for a tour when they have so many songs. However, the Jonas Brothers did an excellent job combining their classic hits, with their current radio hits, new album deep cuts, and OG songs just for the true stans. They even managed to incorporate a few songs from Camp Rock! I left the concert very happy that I got to hear all of my favorite songs performed live. I honestly couldn’t think of any that I wished they had performed, which is so rare for me.

My one and only criticism of this concert was the sound quality. For the entire duration of the concert, the sound was pretty off. The bass was echoey and it was very difficult to make out what the performers were saying at times. However, I believe this was most likely only an issue for people like me who were super high up. I was literally the last row in the nosebleeds. Therefore, I believe this issue has something to do with the sound vibrating off the ceiling, and it probably couldn’t be easily fixed. It was most likely not an issue for many anyways.

I am so glad that I got to experience this concert live! I also want to point out that the Jonas Brothers are still on tour, so if you have the opportunity, definitely go check them out! This concert was so nostalgic from beginning to end. All I need is for Miley Cyrus to reenact Hannah Montana and then all my childhood dreams will be fulfilled.