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Good Shows to Binge-Watch on Netflix


Oliver Queen who, after returning from years of being trapped on an island, becomes a vigilante in the night. In trying to save his city, Oliver tries to get rid of the ones who have failed it.



Teacher Will Schuester, brings together a ragtag group of students to create a glee club for their high school. It is filled with drama, romance, and a little comedy.


New girl

This sitcom shows the mischief and romantic relationships of four loft mates.



Agents of the Naval Criminal Investigative Unit solve crimes.


The Flash

Barry Allen is a man who, after being struck by lightning, becomes super fast and uses his newfound abilities to help his city.


Jane the Virgin

After accidentally being artificially inseminated, a waitress and wannabe writer ends up having her life changed forever.


Crazy Ex Girlfriend

A lawyer moves from New York to West Covina, California to try and win back the heart of a man she fell in love with as a teenager.


Criminal Minds

Agents in the behavioral analysis unit work to catch serial killers.


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