To the Girl Who’s Never Been Kissed

To the girl who’s never been kissed,

I know that it can be isolating at times to have such a lack of relationship experience. College is the place where a lot of people expect to meet their lifelong partners, and you can definitely see that happening for a few of your friends, just not you. Sometimes you think that you will grow old and alone with a couple cats and your Netflix account. It’s easy to feel that way, but let’s set a few things straight:

1. They’re the ones missing out, not you.

You are a beautiful person, inside and out, and to be perfectly honest, I’m surprised that no one has scooped you up yet. Don’t feel like there’s something wrong with you, or that you need to change for someone to find you attractive as a partner.

2. I understand your frustration.

It would just be easier if you could get the first steps of a relationship over with, so that you wouldn’t feel behind or awkward. Sometimes you wish that it would all just happen one day so that you could say it did. But the truth is, that wouldn’t be fulfilling. Sometimes you just have to wait for the right person and the right time.

3. Your life isn’t determined right now.

Just because you haven’t been in a relationship, doesn’t mean you never will. You are just starting to begin to find yourself, so it stands to reason that you won’t necessarily find your lifelong partner while you’re still figuring out who you are.

4. Have hope.

Don’t despair! Everything will happen as it’s supposed to, in time, most likely when you least expect it. Don’t worry about one little kiss or a first relationship anymore than you already have.

5. You are more worthy of love and affection that you’ll ever know.

Just because someone else hasn’t recognized this fact, doesn’t mean it’s not true. Never stop being you wonderful self; sooner or later you’ll have Drew Barrymore’s fairytale ending...or something like that.