Gifts for a True Crime Fan

Have a friend who loves the scary and morbid? Don’t know what to get them? You came to the right place!


  1. 1. Help them announce their love of true crime with this cute tote bag!

  2. 2. This t-shirt that explains the way they’re living their life. 

  3. 3. Give them a good read before the Leonardo DiCaprio series comes out!

  4. 4. This mug that politely scares everyone away.

  5. 5. This hilarious mat that says they’re always suspicious.

  6. 6. This classic True Crime that they should certainly read.

  7. 7. This shirt that says what all TCC fans have yelled at some point.

  8. 8. These awesome stickers that they should put on everything.

  9. 9. This amazing story that helped lead to the capture of one of the scariest serial killers ever.