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Freshman Year as told by The Hunger Games

It was like they dropped me off at college and said, “May the odds be ever in your favor.”

The moment when you first arrive on campus:

And you’re shown around school by your peppy tour guide as they tell you all these random facts about why your campus is the best:

Then you’re off to meet your roommate for the first time:

And you have to say goodbye to your family:

After surviving the first weekend, you have to battle your hardest challenge yet – your first 8:00am class:

You walk around campus trying not be intimidated when you see the upperclassmen:

If that weren’t bad enough, you also have to make a whole new group of friends:

… and have to resist the playboys: 

No doubt fending off the rumors you’ll be facing:

On the bright side, there’s college parties and you can’t help but get excited for: 

… Only to be rejected at the door from every party because you’re a freshman:

Your first group project is really frustrating until you remember that it’s not your group that assigned the project:

But even with all these struggles, you begin to get accustomed to college life:

And you start to hold special place in your hate-list for those teachers that make your life a living hell:

You learn the horror of midterms:

And learn how to deal with that one friend:

But by this point you just want to go back home:

And you’re just waiting for the next person to drop the class like:

You begin understand the agony of finals and create a bond among yourself and your peers:

But a sense of gratitude fills you up every time you get a care package: 

You may have had a heck of semester but sit back, relax, and enjoy because you made it:

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