Dear Boys: The Do's And Don'ts of A Tinder Profile

AH, Tinder. The kingdom of the current hookup culture. The mecca of not friends but still with benefits. It’s a complete violation of everything that our parents taught us when we were younger. Don’t have sex, you will get pregnant and die. Don’t talk to strangers. Stay away from strange men on the internet, they will try to lure you away. And for girls like me, don’t ever show interest in sex or that you even acknowledge it’s existence. Sweet sweet rebellion. In the great age of social media, talking face to face is slim to come by. That mixed with the already nerve-wracking task of flirting makes Tinder look like a paradise away from uncomfiness. And that’s completely okay. Tinder is exciting at first, swiping as fast as you can and getting more and more enthusiastic about the new little app with every match. Then after awhile, the hype goes away and you set up expectations and requirements to even look at a profile for more than a millisecond or dare to scroll down to the bio or right to more pictures. I’ve rounded up by best resources, my roommate and a close friend, who are fervent Tinder users, and with their help compiled a quick little go-to for guys to see if they are wondering how to spice up their profile. Here are some do’s and don’ts for your Tinder profile:  



Have a dressed up picture

Every girl dreams of being swept off their feet by a prince charming and this is their little glimpse into it. It makes her imagine a candle-lit dinner in the future and the fantasy in her head might be enough for her to swipe right.

Have a picture of you playing sports

This shows you are athletic and dedicated to something. There is just something about a guy in a baseball uniform or a hockey jersey that makes the finger swipe right.

Show yourself doing risky activities

Seeing pictures of adventurous experiences sparks interest in seeing something out of the ordinary day-to-day life. Skydiving, rock climbing, parasailing and zip lining. Yes, yes, yes and yes.

Have a funny bio

The quickest way to a girl's heart is through her funny bone. A funny bio can spark interest, a question or a overall pondering at your life choices, but in the end it all means a swipe right to possibly get to talk to you.


Super Like Me

Girls love feeling special and by telling her that she was the most beautiful you have seen that day it already creates a special bond between you two.



Don’t have all group pics

Honestly, it probably means that you are the most unattractive one in the group, so don’t even try it. No girl wants to scroll through and play “spot the similarity” between 5-15 guys all dressed in jerseys, thanks though.

No dead animals      

Okay, you might not have dead animals, but if for a second before you posted a photo the thought of “if she doesn’t accept me for who I am and my passions then she ain’t for me” you should probably delete the photo. Yes, you might love some weird stuff, but ease that into a later convo.

Heavily Edited

Do you like the dog filter on top of the Juno, Ludwig, Mayfair and Valencia filters from Instagram? No, neither do we.

Other girls

Back to what I said about making us feel special with super liking, having another girl in your profile produces the opposite feeling. And no, MacKenzie who you begged to take a picture with you all night isn’t going to impress me because she is probably on three other guys profile’s too.

Really close up photos

If you specifically used your front camera to take a picture just for Tinder then you should probably think again. Just like in real life, getting really close to me is creepy and I run away fast.


Guys, good luck with your Tinder girls. I hope these tips help you find your soulmate, or even just your hook-up for the night. Go you.

Thank you for the input of my favorite Tinder gals:


 Miranda Werner

    Hailey Dustin