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Campus Celeb: Kate Buescher

This week’s campus celebrity has dedicated a lot of her breaks not on the beach but to service work around the nation. We’re excited to share her stories with you and encourage anyone interested to look closer at the AB program at Xavier. It has a lot to offer, and will definitely be an experience you won’t forget! 

Name: Kate Buescher

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Year: Junior, Class of 2016

Major/Minors: Occupational Therapy with Minors in Business and Gender and Diversity Studies

Hobbies: Knitting, Hiking, Wearing Chacos

How many times have you been on Alternative Breaks? What made you go the first time and why do you keep doing it?

I have had the opportunity to experience 3 spring break trips and 1 fall break trip in my time at Xavier thus far. I decided to apply for Alternative Breaks as a first year because I had positive volunteer experiences in high school and I was looking for a way to continue that into college.

What has kept me coming back is all of the relationships I have been able to form, both with the people we work with and other Xavier students and faculty. Taking time to reflect and think critically about what I am learning and experiencing both before, during, and after the trip has helped me shape the way I look at the social justice issues.

What was your current trip like?

My most recent trip during Spring Break 2015 focused on Elderly Living in America. We traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina and worked in a retirement community and a skilled nursing facility. We visited with the residents and helped facilitate different recreational activities. We sang, danced, and played a lot of bingo. Spending time with the residents and working to create moments of joy was really special and helped me connect to people on an individual level.

What was your favorite moment from the trip?

On the first day at the skilled nursing facility, we were organized into groups of a few Xavier students and a few residents. We were assigned the task to create a skit that we preformed for everyone at the end of the week. Being able to utilize everyone’s strengths and interests helped us to create a great Wizard of Oz remake featuring a performance of Somewhere over the Rainbow. The joy and laughter of everyone participating and watching was a powerful moment.

Why do you think other students should take advantage of this opportunity next year?

I think anyone open to a new experience or interested in social justice should consider applying for alternative breaks next year. It is a great chance to understand different social justice issues better, as well as an opportunity for personal growth.

Favorite funny moment from the trip: Well my group won the AB mascot, Breaker Bear, so it was fun to take pictures with him and the residents as well as around Charlotte.

Favorite type of service: Conservation, working with people, really anything that contributes to the greater good

Favorite place to travel to: India

Fun fact: Once a monkey peed on my head (during an AB trip)

Brittany is a senior accounting major from Saint Louis, Missouri and is a Campus Correspondent for Xavier University. When not organizing Her Campus Xavier, she can be found working with Tedx Xavier University or Xavier Women in Business. She  wishes she could spend all of her free time with puppies. 
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