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Campus Celeb: Andrew Cook

Name: Andrew Cook

Hometown: Mount Orab, OH (Cincinnati)

Graduation year: 2016

Majors/minors: Marketing and Management, minor in Entre.

Activities you’re involved in: Xavier Marketing Club, D’artagnan Marketing Group, and Xavier Active Minds.

If you were a kind of cookie what would you be and why?

If I were a cookie, I would be a snickerdoodle. The reason being because I honestly think the snickerdoodle is a cookie that people don’t normally expect but are usually glad to have it when it’s available, it’s fun and different. In many ways I see that as me, I try and be unique, make things that aren’t exciting. People don’t normally expect me, but when I’m there I find that people tend to enjoy my ideas or twists I can add to their great ideas and I love to encourage people to think differently. I know that in many ways that is a strange answer but I honestly do think it is very fitting, at least to who I try to be.

Can you explain your work with D’Artagnan marketing group?

I am the Vice President of DMG. In my role I oversee a majority of the team leaders that deal with clients. In the past before my current position I was a Team Lead for Xavier on Campus Clubs. I really try and establish relationships not only with clubs, local business and start up, but also connect students to the love of Marketing and helping business find a way to improve themselves. I can gladly say it is something I’ve been apart of since the beginning and something I’m proud to see grow every year.

How is D’Artagnan related to marketing club?

D’artagnan is a whole other side to the marketing club. D’artagnan is more the “hands on” side to the club. One of the coolest things about D’artagnan is that it’s not just about marketing, you really are helping local business and campus clubs with marketing plans, business plans, and even large events that happen throughout the year.

What do you do?

I manage a majority of the Team Leads. Team Leads are vital for DMG, they are the ones that really get their hands dirty and the ones that can really gain the experience of consulting. With managing, I report directly to the CEO, Michael Dolunt. Michael and I also pick and look for clients to do business with, and then we recruit people we find fitting to be Team Leads for those companies. I also help with communication and make sure the whole system is running smoothly.

How’d you get involved and who are your current clients?

It’s all about knowing what to do and who to talk to. Most of the time we go up to companies or clubs and ask them if they need help on something. We then build that partnership up, try and establish something we can kindle for a long time. It’s a fun process that is always different.

What’s your favorite project you’ve done?

By far my favorite event I’ve done is Relay For Life. The massive event takes place every spring and it something that has been a part of DMG since the beginning. I guess what makes the event so special to me is just how involved the entire Xavier community gets around it. Seeing the passion with the DMG team and the Relay For Life team is something I will hold close to me for the rest of my life.

What classes do you recommend for marketing majors?

I would highly recommend (though required) Marketing Research or at least going further with Marketing Research after Marketing 302. There is some fantastic resources at Xavier and some really vital information within those classes that relate heavy to all parts of Marketing. Most companies expect some kind of knowledge on the material learned in Marketing Research so I highly recommend it.

What are you plans for after graduation?

Well, the fact that graduation is right around the corner saddens me greatly, I do have some incredible plans after I leave Xavier’s perfect green lawns. I have recently accepted a job offer with General Electric in their Marketing Department. I am hoping that with GE I can really capitalize on what I’ve already got to experience Xavier. I hope to do some more world travel after school as well, I wouldn’t mind returning to the UK or venturing out to see other parts of Europe. I have to keep busy, that’s my main goal after graduation. 

Kathryn Morgan is a Senior Marketing and Public Relations student from Cleveland, Ohio and is the Campus Correspondent for Xavier University. When not working with Her Campus she spends her time with [email protected], Xavier Women in Business and finding any puppy close by. She loves macaroons, traveling and bad dad jokes.
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