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Being a Dad in College

College students have countless things to worry about on a daily basis. Homework for this class, studying for that test, cleaning that one roommates mess even though you’ve been asking them to do it for a week now, things like that. Between those and the million other things going on in our lives, anything non-school related tends to get pushed to the wayside. For me however, I can’t let that happen because the first thing I have to worry about on a daily basis is the well-being of a three old who thinks he’s the cutest thing in the world (he kind of is…).

Having a kid in college is one of the hardest things I will hopefully have to go through in my life, mainly because it is honestly just that hard. For starters, making the decision to leave the state he lives in was heart wrenching. Torn between doing what was best for him in the short-run and doing what was best for him in the long-run, it was ultimately my greatest ally, my own mother, who helped me decide to come to Xavier in order to pursue my degree in a place I knew I would be happy in order to provide the best life possible for my son.

I could go on and on about how much I love and miss Julien (my son’s name…should’ve mentioned that earlier), but the reality is the resulting article would be too long. Instead, I will end this with an adorable picture of the most beautiful child born onto this Earth.

Langston is a Junior at Xavier University majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and the Public honors program and English. His favorite pastime is procrastination, and his favroite food is lasagna. He hates mondays, walking, over exposre to nature, and math.
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