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9 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Season

Everyone has their favorite season, and for many, their favorite season is fall. Why is it their favorite season, you ask? Are you someone that needs some convincing as to why fall is the best season ever? Check out these 9 things that make fall the best season ever! Happy Fall y’all!

You can go to a pumpkin patch, pick out your favorite pumpkin, and have the best fall decoration ever! There are so many different pumpkins to choose from, and if you want, you can even decorate it! Pumpkins are an absolute essential for fall.

Bonfires can happen all year long, but there is just something about bonfires in the fall time that make them even better. You can cuddle up in a warm blanket next to the fire, have the cold, crisp breeze hit your face, and roast yummy marshmallows. My oh my, don’t you just want to be cuddled up next to the fire right now?

The fact that Halloween occurs during the fall time makes the season even better. Halloween is a time for great fun, good candy, and wonderful costumes. What more could you want?

Not only does fall time bring about Halloween, but it also brings about another amazing holiday: Thanksgiving! It’s a time for family, friends, and food. Don’t forget about the all-day football, and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

So many individuals love to wear makeup, and makeup during the fall time brings about so much joy to those makeup-loving individuals. From dark, brown eyeshadows to a variety of lip colors, it’s a makeup lover’s dream!

When one thinks of fall, one thinks of fall fashion. When one thinks of fall fashion, one thinks of sweaters. Sweaters are a sign of the changing weather, and are they adorable! Cuddle up in your fuzzy sweaters and enjoy that cool, fall weather.


When sweater weather comes around, you know that scarf weather is just behind it! Fuzzy, large, and warm scarves are all the rage nowadays in the world of fall fashion. Don’t miss out on this booming trend that is a key part in securing fall as the best season ever!

Lovers of fall fashion are lovers of boots. Boots come in so many different shapes, sizes and colors. They sure do get worn fall day in and fall day out (haha get it?). Boots are definitely feeling the love during the fall season, and they help show people that fall truly is the best season ever!

If you haven’t been convinced yet that fall truly is the greatest season ever, you will now be thrown over the edge with this final fall thing. Fall means changing leaves, and changing leaves bring about so much beauty to the world. You can play in the leaves or just admire their changing colors. One thing’s for certain: the changing leaves sure do help show people why fall is truly the best season ever!

Who knew there were so many reasons to love fall! These are not the only things to love about the season, as the list is endless, but just remember: fall brings about warm clothes, change, and so many reasons to celebrate with family and friends! Go out there and experience all that fall has to offer before it’s too late!


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Katie Pfeifer is a sophomore Psychology major and Gender and Diversity Studies minor. She is from Springboro, Ohio, which is about 20 minutes south of Dayton. She love to shop, dance, hang out with her friends, and listen to music. She is obsessed with animals, watching youtube videos, and traveling! She has written for Her Campus Xavier and in the past, she worked on the marketing team! She always has a smile on her face, and she loves to make people happy! :)
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