7 Shows that Portray Mental Illness Honestly

Lady Dynamite
Lady Dynamite is loosely based on stand-up comedian Maria Bamford’s struggles with bipolar disorder and OCD. What makes this show different is that the show does not treat mental illness as an obstacle to overcome, but just a part of life. Even though the show is a comedy it does not poke fun at Maria’s illnesses.
Crazy Ex Girlfriend
The main character Rebecca Bunch has borderline personality disorder, when the show revealed her diagnoses the show took the time to explain the diagnoses and does not make a cheap joke about it.  
Jessica Jones
The main character of the show Jessica Jones has post traumatic stress disorder, the reason why this is a good representation of PTSD is because it portrays the struggles of having a mental illness while still having a social life and job.  
You're the Worst
The main character, Gretchen, has depression. What made this depiction of clinical depression different is that it shows how depression can take over someone’s life. It showed that depression is not just about being sad, but it can also make someone feel helpless and alone.  
BoJack Horseman
The main character, BoJack, has depression. What makes this portrayal of depression realistic is that it shows the struggles of depression: unrealistic feelings about oneself, overwhelming sadness over long periods of time, thoughts of suicide, and lack of interest.  
Two of the main characters of the show have bipolar disorder: Ian and Monica. What the show portrays well about bipolar disorder is the fact that there are different types of the disorder and how people deal with it differently. Many people believe that bipolar disorder is mostly about moods switching from hypomania/mania to depression in an instant, clearly, this is not true.  
United States of Tara

The main character Tara, has dissociative identity disorder. They took a humanistic approach to addressing this disorder. In prior shows or movies that showcase dissociative identity disorder, the characters that have it are perceived as dangerous or untrustworthy. United States of Tara reveals how dissociative identity disorder affects all aspects of someone’s life: her marriage, her kids, and her family and career.



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