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6 Ways to be Productive While Staying in Bed

We all know how tempting it is to stay in bed all day and lose to the snooze button every time. Whether it’s getting up for class, going to the library or running errands, there’s always that desire to stay cuddled in bed. Even getting into bed at nighttime when you still have a lot to do is something we unfortunately do. We’ve come up with six ways to actually get things done without having to leave your oasis.

1.     Put away all distractions: If you’re using your laptop, don’t have anything up that you don’t need for your work. Put your phone somewhere that it can’t be easily reached so you aren’t tempted to scroll through social media! Don’t have anything around you that will pull you away from your work. Only have in front of you what you need to get everything done.

2.     Have lots of pillows: It’s easier to get things done when you’re sitting up but still comfortable. Keeping a lot of pillows on your bed keeps you propped up and motivated to get things done.

3.     Keep a light on: Any type of light is good, whether it’s a lamp or decorative lights, as long as it isn’t dark. If it’s the daytime, natural light works perfectly. As long as there’s some form of light, it’ll keep you up and focused on what’s in front of you.

4.     Turn on a motivational playlist: Music is always a great go to when it comes to getting work done. Check out our Ultimate Spotify Playlist Collection for the perfect study playlist!

5.      Keep a snack or drink around: Sometimes it helps to just have something to snack on or drink. Caffeinated drinks are always a great go to for an extra boost of energy, but even water is a great option.

6.     Set a time: Having a time set in your mind for when you want to be done always helps. It keeps you focused and gives you a time frame for when the work needs to be done. Set an alarm so that you don’t have to keep checking the time – maybe several depending on how much time you’ve given yourself (so you could set one when you have two hours left, one hour left, etc.).

It’s possible to be productive in bed; you just have to know the right ways to do it! Obviously this isn’t always a great go-to, because sometimes we have much bigger workloads that require heavy focus. Sometimes we get that spurt of motivation in bed, and when we do, we take it. So, take these tactics and put them to good use. You’ll find that it’s extremely possible to knock out that to-do-list from one of our most sacred places: our bed.

Allison Wisyanski is a junior English major and Writing minor from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is a featured writer for HCXU. Allison also writes for the Arts and Entertainment column for the Xavier Newswire. Her guilty pleasures are Nicholas Sparks novels, the color pink, and Nutella. She's a lover of travel and in her spare time, she enjoys to binge-watch JFK documentaries, shop, run, and soak up the sun.
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