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5 Fall Themed Snacks To Keep in Your Dorm Room

Even though the weather outside may still be a little warm, it is officially fall!!


To spread a little autumn cheer in your dorm room, think about getting these snacks that will make you so excited for the upcoming sweater weather.

1. Pumpkin spread

Get a to-go box full of toast, muffins, bananas, apples, anything really and spread this on everything. It tastes like pumpkiny goodness!

2. Apple butter

The same thing as pumpkin spread, but only apples and cinnamon. It’s the best!

3. Chai tea / Chai tea latté

Besides a PSL, this is the best thing to get in the fall on your daily Starbucks run. It’s full of spices and just warms you right up.

4. The Cookie Dough Café (https://www.thecookiedoughcafe.com/)

It’s cookie dough without eggs, so it’s officially safe to just eat the dough! Dreams do come true!

5. Apple cider

You can heat this up or drink it cold, but it will for sure make your day.

Happy Fall!! Love HCXU


Sara is a Sophomore Public Relations major with a double minor in Political Communications and Business at Xavier University. She is also involved with an acapella group, Acabellas, and the Center for Faith and Justice on campus. She loves all dogs, dark chocolate, and inspirational quotes. 
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