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3 Ways to Keep the Pig Roast Spirit Alive

Let’s be frank: the fact that Pig Roast got cancelled sucks. From seniors who were looking forward to their last year to freshman who were anticipating their first, the entire campus is in an odd mourning period. Trust us, even we were excited about the big day. 

But things happen that are out of our control. It’s easy to be upset and pout about the wasted weekend. We would like to offer a different perspective. Her Campus Xavier has decided there are 3 things about Pig Roast that should be kept alive – with or without the actual event. 

Enjoy the weather.

After being cooped up inside all winter, it’s time to celebrate the return of the sun. Don’t waste this beautiful day being grumpy. Take your party outside! You may get a sunburn with all your day drinking, but it will be totally worth it. 

Enjoy your drink. 

You may not be able to go to the crazy outdoor party that is known as Pig Roast, but that doesn’t mean you can take time off this weekend just to kick back and have a nice beer or cocktail before the craziness that comes with the end of the semester. The Roast is meant to be the last hoorah before the semester, so create your own big blowout this semester. 

Enjoy your friends. 

Probably more than anything, one of our favorite things about Pig Roast is being surrounded by all our good friends. We’re sure that everyone blocked out this weekend in their schedules for the big event; don’t let that go to waste! It’s hard to always get all of your friends available on the same weekend, so use this to your advantage and spend the weekend enjoying the weather and your drinks together. 

This weekend may not have been what you thought it was going to be and by no means was it an ideal situation. But Keep Calm and Pig Roast on.

Brittany is a senior accounting major from Saint Louis, Missouri and is a Campus Correspondent for Xavier University. When not organizing Her Campus Xavier, she can be found working with Tedx Xavier University or Xavier Women in Business. She  wishes she could spend all of her free time with puppies. 
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