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The 25 Best Things About Being a 90’s Kid

Let’s face it, 90’s kids had some of the best childhoods. Looking back it’s obvious why the 90’s ruled. 

We had the greatest families… 

… and even better friends. 

We were always excited to learn from the best…

The best movies always came in orange wrapping: 

We had the best Happy Meal toys:

… the finest cuisine…

…and the most sophisticated beverages.

We were the golden age of boy bands:

We could predict the future…

…and jump to the moon.

Our pets were digital…

… and our stories were the scariest.

We carried our supplies in style:

and nothing was better than gym.

Lisa Frank everything:

We got tattoos with our gum

…and our games were always fun.

But our game shows were even better:

We saved the world with attitude:

…but knew how to relax in style:

Classroom games were our favorite:

Even our classroom supplies were on point:

We loved our scratch and sniff stickers

…and knew how to entertain ourselves.

Let’s face it: 90’s kids were All That!

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