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2020 is the Year of Organizing Your Life

If your goal this year is to get more organized, take advantage of this new year’s fresh start with some easy and effective tips!

Get a cute desk calendar and color-code it

Sitting down to a beautiful, organized calendar will make working at your desk so much better.

Use sticky notes to keep track of your to-do tasks

You can color-code them, move them from week to week, put them on your walls, or anything else that helps them stick in your brain! 

Keep a planner

Writing it down is the best way to remember! Use a cute planner to keep yourself on top of your sh*t from day to day or week to week. 

Use a to-do list app

The Apple Reminders app is a great tool for keeping yourself organized! It allows you to reminders for certain times and days so that you won’t forget a thing.

Colored pens are your new best friend

Using lots of colors will look pretty and help you visualize all the things you have to get done!

Have a place for everything

Keeping your desk free from clutter will help you feel more organized and less overwhelmed. Use pouches, drawers, and cute boxes to make sure that all the things are put away and ready to go!

Margot Bond

Xavier '20

Margot is a senior Economics, Sustainability, and Society major with minors in Political Science and Gender and Diversity Studies from Louisville, Kentucky. In addition to writing articles for Her Campus, she is a Resident Assistant at Xavier and involved in student sustainability. She loves listening to John Mayer, watching Netflix, and doing crosswords with her boyfriend. Most importantly, she is 100% a cat person.
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