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20 Gifts For The Feminist In Your Life

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Xavier chapter.

With the holidays right around the corner, now is the perfect time to give gifts to the people you love most. Have a badass feminist on your list this year? Here are 20 gifts they will be sure to love:


Becoming by Michelle Obama

When we think feminist, one of the first people we think of is Michelle Obama, and we can’t wait to get our hands on this book.


Kiss My Pink Lipstick (or any Lipstick Lobby products)

The Lipstick Lobby’s mission is to #LipstickItToTheMan, resist, and make a difference. They push for change and equality, and one huge way they do that is through their lipsticks. Each shade gives their profits to a different organization. The shade Kiss My Pink gives 100% of the proceeds to Planned Parenthood!

Women Need More Sleep Then Men Shirt

Honestly, this shirt explains itself. Any feminist would be PUMPED to wear this.


Nevertheless, She Persisted Bracelet

It’ll remind her how amazing she is every time she sees it.

Badass Babes Candle

All of our favorite things: badass feminists and yummy smelling candles.


“If You’re Not Outraged” Notebook

For them to write down all the things that suck about society today.

Bonus: part of the profits go to the ACLU!


Sisterhood Solidarity Coffee

Even the most driven women need their caffeine! This coffee is grown by Las Diosas, which is an all-female cooperative in Nicaragua, who uses the income from the coffee sales to empower women.  Sounds like a win-win to us.


Dissent Collar Necklace

One of the most amazing feminist icons is Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg herself. The company Dissent Pins came out with a whole line centered around her, specifically her dissent collar, which she wears when she dissents from decisions being handed down by the Supreme Court. They make necklaces, pins, stickers, earrings, and more. Bonus: 50% of their proceeds go to awesome organizations like The Bronx Freedom Fund, International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP), and Center for Reproductive Rights.


Woman Up Sweatshirt

It’s cute af and relevant af. Hellooooo new favorite sweatshirt.



Puppies Not Patriarchy Dog Shirt

If she’s a feminist, her dog is too.


Dear Sister

This book is beautiful and sad and empowering and heartbreaking and everything in between. Filled with letters from sexual assault survivors, it’s an incredible read.


Believe Women shirt

The #metoo movement isn’t going anywhere, and this shirt shows support.

“Plank Like RBG” Water Bottle

Because honestly, what’s better motivation to work out than RBG?

Bonus: part of the profits go to the ACLU!


Nasty Woman Hat

For the nasty woman in your life.


The Patriarchy Isn’t Going To Fight Itself Ceramic Coffee Mug

This mug is witty, cute, and speaks the truth.


Woman Card Playing Cards

These will for sure make every card game 1000x better.


Bad Girls Throughout History

The perfect coffee table book for the fierce feminist.


F*ck Kavanaugh Lipstick by Lipslut

Lipslut is a super amazing, social justice driven makeup company, that makes lip products with a purpose. Recently, they came out with the shade “F*ck Kavanaugh”, which makes a statement with every application. Plus, 50% of the earnings from the sales go to anti-sexual assault organizations. 


Women’s Libation! Cocktail Guide

Because the patriarchy can cause you to need a drink. 

Smash the Patriarchy Necklace

She’ll love the statement this necklace makes, and how bold it is.


Happy gifting!!

Lauren is a senior Marketing major, with minors in Economics and Gender & Diversity Studies at Xavier University. She calls Nashville, Tennessee home, and is the Campus Correspondent and President of HCXU. When she is not writing, she is planning events on the Student Activities Council, building her resume with her brothers in Delta Sigma Pi, or making random Spotify playlists. She is a Diet Coke enthusiast, and wishes she could spend every day hiking or playing with her dog.