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12 Things To Do In Vegas if You’re Not 21

Just because you can’t drink and gamble doesn’t mean you can’t have the time of your life in Las Vegas. Here’s 12 fun things to do if you’re not 21!

1) Go Hiking! Nevada is full of beautiful places to hike. Red Rock and Valley of Fire are two favorites, but there are so many options! Take this opportunity to get in touch with nature.

2) Ride New York New York. It’s such a fun roller coaster ride, and you get some great views of the strip from the top!

3) Go to M&M World. They have walls of every M&M color and flavor imaginable. And they usually give out free samples for the mindful shopper.

4) Go to the top of the Stratosphere and ride the rides. This one isn’t for those scared of heights, unless you’re ready to face your fears head on. 

5) Visit Everything Coca-Cola and try sodas from around the world. Some of them are gross, but some are surprisingly good!

6) See a show. There’s a show for everyone in Vegas from magic, to dancing, to Beatles themed acrobatics!

7) Try In-N-Out. If you don’t live on the West Coast or haven’t tried this before, you’re missing out! Ask for your burger and fries Animal Style, and thank us later.

8) Go to the Neon Boneyard. You will get the coolest pictures, and learn all about the history of Las Vegas along the way. (Be sure to book this one in advance, and don’t forget to use your student discount!)

9) Play pinball in the Pinball Hall of Fame. But don’t forget your quarters!

10) Walk around and take in the strip. There’s always something interesting to see, something fun to do, or something yummy to eat.

11) Enjoy a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 2. IT’S. SO. GOOD.

12) Ride the High Roller. Enjoy one of the best views of Las Vegas and the mountains that surround it!


Lauren is a senior Marketing major, with minors in Economics and Gender & Diversity Studies at Xavier University. She calls Nashville, Tennessee home, and is the Campus Correspondent and President of HCXU. When she is not writing, she is planning events on the Student Activities Council, building her resume with her brothers in Delta Sigma Pi, or making random Spotify playlists. She is a Diet Coke enthusiast, and wishes she could spend every day hiking or playing with her dog. 
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