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10 Ways to Live with More Gratitude for Each Day

Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  It’s a time of food, family, more food, turkey trots, shopping and more food. It’s a day to be grateful for our family and friends (and then proceed to spend all our money shopping). Although this day is important to stand back and recognize all we have, it’s all the more important to do this everyday; gratitude drives contentment, as we focus on what we have rather than what we don’t. Here are ways to live with more gratitude and make the most of each day.

1. Wake up early, get a cup of coffee and make time to reflect upon the day before it starts.

2. Put away your phone and take in nature as you walk to class.

3. Text and old friend from home or call your grandparents just to say hi and that you’re thinking of them.

4. Take an hour a day to do something for yourself whether that’s working out or watching a show on Netflix.

5. Take 10 minutes for prayer each day to thank God for all that you have.

6. Write sticky notes of encouragement everyday and hang it in you dorm.

7. If you see a caf worker, tell them hi and thank you for the amazing chicken tortilla soup and chocolate chip cookies.

8. Reflect and write down 3 good things about your day in a journal.

9. Take time to watch the sunset; its beauty always puts life into perspective.

10. Simply say, “Thank you” and, “I love you” more often to those who matter to you.

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Angela Provenzano is an Occupational Therapy major at Xavier University. She loves sunsets, chocolate, puppies and other non-cliché things.
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