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10 Thoughts Every Girl Has on Her Period

Ladies, we know that time of the month can really suck.  Chances are you have probably been through these awkward moments during your period:

1. Having to throw away a nice pair of underwear because Mother Nature decided to surprise us with our monthly gift.

2. Being at another person’s house and having to change your pad. So you wrap your pad in toilet paper and just throw it in the trash can, hoping no one notices the pad.

3. Having a serious craving for chocolate. All you can think about is the delicious chocolate melting in your mouth.

4. Being secretly happy that you started your period because now you know you’re pregnant.

5. On the other hand, you can’t wait to get pregnant so that you won’t have to have your period for 9 months.

6. Using your period as an excuse to get out of doing something

7. Having certain underwear that is strictly for when you’re on your period.

8. When, you were younger you would feel awkward asking a friend for a tampon or pad.

9. The first time you use a tampon and don’t understand how it works.

10. Having that awkward moment when you’re buying tampons or pads and you have a male cashier check you out.

Don’t worry ladies you won’t have to deal with this agian…well at least until next month.

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