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10 Things You Should Keep in Mind When Going to a Chainsmokers Concert

One day, I was sitting next to the Coffee Emporium in Xavier’s student center when the song “Something Just Like This” came on, and it occurred to me: I have to go to this concert. Funny enough, I knew our student activities council (SAC) was selling tickets later that week for a Chainsmokers concert for only $10 – a steal! I also knew that the concert was going to be the night before my physics lab final, but as I listened to Chris Martin sing, I could only think that I wanted to be there and experience it. I wanted to live spontaneously and see my first college concert.

Three weeks later, our packed school bus had just pulled up to the US Bank Arena when the lights dimmed, we took our seats, and listened to the opening acts.  

Four hours later, I left with people that had become even closer friends of mine and memories of a fantastic night. But it wasn’t the night I had expected. When I think of the Chainsmokers, I think of the music that is the bedrock of some basic “white girl” songs on the radio. I obviously didn’t do my research or know the two-man group well enough to make any realistic assumptions. What I found during this concert blew me away. If anyone reading this is considering going to a Chainsmokers concert, here are a few things you should keep in mind…


1. The Chainsmokers want you to get crazy.  

Drew Taggart began the show by announcing to the crowd that he wanted their music to get everyone hyped“We want you to get f***ed up!!!” he yelled into the mic. My friends and I just kind of shrugged our shoulders and gave them the optimistic Obama face.  


 2. The graphics for their backdrops are very interesting…

Whoever designed the pictures that accompanied the group’s songs might have been on drugs. The screen behind the musicians featured various dancing, smiling cartoon foods, and some of them really made you wonder…


3. The lightshow is almost just as entertaining as the music.   

Seriously. One part of the show felt like a full on rave. I can’t imagine what standing in the general admission pit felt like.  


4. They might ask you to put your middle finger in the air once or twice…

Cue all the Xavier kids looking at each other nervously. This group was definitely more hardcore than I had expected.  


5. Sometimes you’ll be standing there wondering what in the world is going on during the DJ part.  

They spent lot of time playing DJ versions of other popular songs, which was cool at first, but got a old after a while.  


6. But then they’ll play “Closer,” “Paris,” or one of their mainstream songs and you’ll loose your mind.  


Classic crazed concert photo feat. me and much less crazed girl friend.  


7. Their pianist/keyboard player is UNREAL.   

The Chainsmokers were so impressed with a Canadian guy’s Youtube rendition of “Paris” that they asked him to accompany them on their Memories… Do Not Open Tour. This story alone is so cool! And the guy, Tony Ann, was phenomenal; I truly enjoyed the part of the show that featured just him.  



8. They will leave…and then surprise you by coming back

Perhaps it’s an actual thing they do at their concerts, but the guys walked off the stage saying a lukewarm “Goodbye!” as people started leaving the arena. In one of the most cliché yet still exciting encores, they came back several minutes later for a surprise comeback that made everyone happy!


9. …With Florida Georgia Line!

No one was happier than 2017 Her Campus Xavier CC Lauren! The celebrity group took the stage to sing “Last Day Alive” with the Chainsmokers for an exciting way to end the show.  


10. By the end of the night, it will all be worth it.  

Maybe it was the fact that it was my first concert, the people I spent it with, the rush of the surprise encore, or the exhilaration of knowing I still had to cram for my physics final the next morning, but I was feeling on top of the world leaving the arena. Thank you Chainsmokers, for giving us exactly what you wanted us to have: a great night. You weren’t what I was expecting, but it’s usually the best nights that don’t go as planned.   

Katie Kennedy is an occupational therapy major from Aurora, Illinois. She is the Marketing Chair for HCXU, runs the Twitter page, and occasionally dabbles in article-writing. When not ruling over her noble subjects of the marketing team, Katie is usually in the gym working out or in the caf nursing her waffle addiction. 
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