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10 Things to Buy from Amazon


Treat yourself to some retail therapy!

Uni NanoDia Color Mechanical Pencil Leads 0.5mm 7 Color Set, 7 Pack/total 140 Leads

Why use regular lead when you can use colorful lead to write with! Perfect for note taking and drawing! $13.80

 MeiLiang Watercolor Set, 36 Vivid Colors in Pocket Box and Bonus Watercolor Brush

Easy to use watercolor set. Comes with a brush and nice for beginners! $19.98

Photo Clip String Lights, 33Ft, 100 LED String Lights with 50 Clips

Hang your photos and have nice lights. Two in one! And they look pretty! $15.99

 GVIEWIN Clear Flower Case

There are many nice designs, helps protect your phone, and it comes with a glass screen protector! $14.99

Cell Phone Desk Stand Holder

Nice colors, nice spot to place your phone $7.99

Mkono Hanging Photo Display

Nice way to display your photos and comes in Gold or Silver! $13.99


Clear protective case with many designs. And pleasing to the eye! $9.99

KINGXBAR 4 in 1 Floral AirPods Pro Case Cover

Clear protective case with many designs. And pleasing to the eye! $9.99

Candle Warmer

Looks elegant and can help make the room smell pleasing. $17.99

Wireless Charger, QI-EU 4 in 1 Qi-Certified 10W Fast Charging Station

For someone with multiple accessories get one that does the job done for all! $26.99

I like to write, draw, read, eat, and explore stuff outside my comfort zone. I like adventures so come with me on this one!!!
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