Uses and Benefits of Tea

I love tea and will drink it no matter if it helps me or not. Probably wouldn't drink it if it harmed me though, but it would be very hard. Finding natural ways to help with your health can be rather easy, and tea is a super simple method. If you have even wondered the different benefits and uses of tea are, you have come to the right place!

Black Tea - This tea has a very high caffiene content and is much better for your body, especially your heart, than coffee. It can also be used to tint your hair!

Green Tea - I'm sure you have heard that green tea is really good for you. It can help with weight loss, brain function, heart health, and much more. You can also add a couple tea bags to your bath for a nice stress relief.

Earl Grey Tea - Because of the bergamot, earl grey can help with anxiety, stress, and depression through its calming effects. 

White Tea - The antioxidants found in white tea can help with antiaging and keeping skin looking youthful. It also has a high fluoride content that helps with oral health. 

Peppermint Tea - Not only can peppermint tea help with reducing a fever, it can help with digestio, bloating, and respiratory issues. 

Chamomile Tea - This tea is a great sleep aid, which I know many of us need with our crazy sleep schedules. It can also help with chest colds and menstrual pains. 

Oolong Tea - Shown to have great benefits for helping with weight loss, and also a greatly caffeinated tea

Chaga Tea - If you are a sweet tooth you may want to check this one out. It can help with blood sugar levels on the body and also boosts the immune system. 

There are also tons of ways to put your used tea bags to use. You can add the insides to a garden for nutrients or add the bag to the bottom of a trash can to help with odors. The possibilities are really endless.