Tierra Smith '19

Tierra Smith: Campus Cutie!

Hometown:" I'm an Army Brat, so I've lived all over.  I've lived in Germany, Italy, Amsterdam, and most recently, Tacoma, Washington".

Major: "Currently undecided, although I am looking at several STEM related majors".

Goals for the Future: "I want to go to pharmacy school, hopefully at the University of Washington.  Fingers crossed".

Favorite Snack: Apples, and Reeses peanut butter cups.

What have shes been watching on Netflix: Grey's Anatomy, and The Blacklist.

Favorite spot on campus: "Miller Market. I love to stop in and get some soup, today they had cauliflower and apple curry. So good!"

Campus Activites: "I'm a member of the Chemsitry Club, and the Vietnamese Student Union.  I also help out with event planning for Student Outreach Services".

College Advice: "Try and Have fun.  Failure exists, but so does happiness. Always aim for happy".


Best of luck in all that the future may bring, Tierra!