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Thoughts from the Red Square Info Fair

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WWU chapter.

Each year Western kicks off the school year with the Red Square Info Fair! Tons of clubs, businesses and sports teams come and advertise, give out free stuff and allow students to get to know their community. It’s a great way to kick off the school year and leaves us with a few thoughts. 


You think, who knew this many people went to WWU?

You wonder why the fountain isn’t on?

You immediately avoid the people with the clipboards

Then feel bad when you realize they just want to make sure you’ve updated your address to vote


You stand in line to spin a wheel, you win a free sticker woo! Now you can advertise for free for the random company that was too cheap to give you free food


You search desperately for a table that is giving away free totes to hold all your free stuff


You only ever use it that day to carry around other free stuff you probably won’t use


Wait—Dominoes isn’t the tent giving away free pizza? But instead beer ping pong balls?


When Jimmy Johns runs out of sandwichs


You write your email down for free candy


Sure I’ll come to your sports game! Oh..it’s at WCC?




When people create walkways in front of your line


Do I look like I could play rugby?


Avoiding eye contact with clubs you’re not apart of anymore


Awkward smiles for people you haven’t talked to since freshman year


And you can’t leave without getting a picture from Victor the Viking to really signal back to school spirit on your instgram


Danika is a student at Western Washington University where she is majoring in English Creative Writing and minoring in Writing Studies. She's an avid reader and aspiring young adult/children's literature publisher. Her interests include intramural sports, traveling, Harry Styles, and all things Disneyland. Follow her on twitter or check out her website.