Save Big in Spring!

March is here, and it's the perfect in between month to pick up on trends you fell behind on during the winter time; only thing is, it can really hurt your wallet. With Spring cleaning and shopping for new in-season clothes, this time of year can get pretty spendy. Here I've put together a little list of deals only going on this month and ways you can save some money to be able to eat or do other necessary and fun things around our Bellingham.

Take a Trip to the Mall!: Our Bellis Fair mall has a store for just about everyone’s taste, and you can pretty much guarantee that any time there’s a sale at Target or Ulta that I’ll be there. Well in case you didn’t know there are tons of big sales, at most of the top name stores. For your more practical household needs, Kitchen Collection is having a Spring Sale going to the 31st of March where you can get things like name brand mixers, blenders, and pan collections for all around half price! Getting kitchen appliances around this time of year is a good idea if you cook a lot at home and don’t generally have the opportunity to get new appliances every time you need them. For clothes, Journeys has a 30-50% sale running through the 15th on select brands on shoes, boots, and other accessories. For a more complete and potentially updated list of sales at the Bellis Fair mall, visit and look for the “sales tab”.

Online Deals: Let’s be honest, most of our shopping happens online. You don’t have to get dressed, you don’t have to get in the car (or bus), and you don’t have to interact with random people and your stuff gets shipped right to your doorstep without having to deal with loose change or bag! All plus’s, and in March you have even more incentive to shop online with exclusive deals.

  • Groupon: Has a “Black Friday in March” sale going on with offers of up to 80% off of your purchases. Some things that’ll give you a run for your (saved) money are the ‘Fit Bit Charge 2’, the ‘Metallic Oval Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set (10-Piece)’ and the ‘Beats by Dre Powerbeats 2 or 3 Wireless Headphones’. This specific sale is ending soon but there are tons more on Groupon worth looking through.

  • Amazon: Now here there are always sales, but there are some specifically that have even greater deals for this time of year. There is way too many options here for me to give you some specific selections so just look for yourself and you’re bound to find products cheaper than normal by an average 25%! And if you know anyone with Amazon Prime, you can get free 2-day shipping on tons of items. 

  • Target: Everyone loves Target, that’s just a fact. This Spring they have numerous sales ranging from household appliances, clothing, and electronics. This one is handy because if you find something that’s sold out online, they also show you what’s available in store *there’s a target in Bellis Fair*. This is a good option to have because a lot of the time when you’re buying things online, especially clothes, you can be unsure of how it’ll really look on you. For ideas of some wide-ranged things that’re especially cheap this month, you can get laundry detergent for 5% off, a variety of Spring dress’ for up to 15% off, and planter pots and candles for similar discounts.

I hope some of these suggestions help you make some of your most important decisions this month, like what websites to buy your lemon scented candles from for the cheapest and how to look for deals to prepare yourself properly for Spring. Don't let Spring cleaning include your bank account. And for ideas on how to use what you bought this month, check out last week's edition called “Spring Time Fun”.