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Red Square, WWU’s central hive for classes, home to socializing, advertising, and people watching. This unique place has also become the home to many #struggles.  


When it’s 11:50am and suddenly really crowded.


One word: Bricks. The very things that make the square red are also our worst enemy. You’d be lying if you said you never tripped over those devious little squares.


When you catch someone else tripping on bricks and try not to laugh. Or do laugh.


Awkwardly avoiding eye contact with solicitors. Your club/sport/event is probably awesome; we just don’t want to talk to you about it right now.


Those unpredictable massive puddles that you have to play hopscotch to avoid.


All those times you have to do that awkward dance trying to not run into someone.


When it’s really sunny and you can’t see, and your face is making that scrunchy wink smile at everyone you pass.


When you think someone was waving at you, and wave back, but they were actually waving at someone else.


When you spot an open table, and notice someone else going for it and then you’re in an awkward speed walking race to get there first.


When someone sits too close to you at the fountain.


When you’re walking too close to a stranger and you’re both heading in the same direction.


Resisting the urge to stop and pet all those adorable dogs.


Seeing someone you barely knew from your time in the dorms and not knowing how to appropriately greet them.


When you make eye contact and politely smile at someone AND THEY DON’T SMILE BACK.


Trying to make contact with a black squirrel.


Avoiding those random maintenance cars that ironically probably loosen up the bricks they fix.


Having to walk your bike through red square because it’s packed.


Those people that don’t walk their bike through and almost kill you.


When it’s a nice day and the fountain is off.


When it’s a windy day and the fountain is on and you get sniped by the mist.


When the elementary kids visit and you try to act like that cool college student they think you are.


And when you realize there’s a 24 hour live cam on Red Square. Seriously. 

Danika is a student at Western Washington University where she is majoring in English Creative Writing and minoring in Writing Studies. She's an avid reader and aspiring young adult/children's literature publisher. Her interests include intramural sports, traveling, Harry Styles, and all things Disneyland. Follow her on twitter or check out her website.
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