Red Square Info Fair 2015

The Red Square Info Fair at Western Washington University is one of the best ways to learn more about the WWU community. Surrounding the famous fountain in the middle of Red Square are tons of clubs representing what they stand for and most importantly, to give away free stuff.  This year you could get anything for free.  There was Jimmy Johns giving cups, KIND giving away delicious and healthy snacks, Little Caesar's pizza, and much more.  We went around taking some pictures of our favorite tables and events going on those two days.


Here we have the Professional Women's Association, a club committed to providing an opportunity for women to gain a competitive edge in the workforce.  Check them out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


Next I went over to talk to the Ekklesia table which caught my eye because of their sign "No Perfect People Allowed".  Kenna Kloes (left), a Junior at WWU, says that this Christian community comes together every Thursday night at 7pm and 9pm at Norway Hall.  There's live music, coffee, and great people who would love you to stop by!


There was also a great performance by the WWU Cheer team


Next I got to talk to Erica Ewell about her table for Bellingham Girls Rock Camp.  For more info on this team go to

Kylee Morgan, one of our awesome CC's for Her Campus WWU, hanging out with our beloved mascot!