Rachel Benson '18

This week's campus cutie is the hardworking and determined Rachel Benson. Benson has a part-time job on campus, wants to make scientific contriubtions to the world someday and just got back from studying abroad in Australia.

                                               (Benson poses on a sailing trip around the Magnetic Island of Australia in Spring 2014)

Age: 20

Major: Physics

Hometown: Tacoma, Wash.

Relationship Status: Single

Graduation date: Spring 2018


Rachel’s Favs:

Favorite food: I really like oatmeal, mushrooms, and soup.

Favorite book: I read a lot, so I have a lot of favorites, but I really like this one my sister recommended called "Into the Forest" by Jean Hegland.

Favorite movie: Some movies that never get old for me are any of the "Indiana Jones"movies, "Legally Blonde" and "50/50." 

Favorite TV show: "Freinds," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "The Last Airbender." 

Favorite type of music and artist: Bluegrass music, Trampled By Turtles.

Celebrity Crush: Ever since I was able to have feelings for men I’ve loved Will Smith. "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" is a classic, but "I, Robot" Fresh Prince of Bel Air is a classic, but is also a great movie.


Getting to know Rachel more in depth...

Q:How did you choose your major?

A: It was kind of a process of elimination. I’m not a good writer, so I didn’t want to have a major that had a lot of writing involved. I’ve always leaned towards mathematics and it’s always been my best subject in grade school.

Q: Why is physics important to you?

A: I think more women should pursue science. There's always been an underrepresentation of women in science. When I applied for the major, my advisor told me I would be a minority when I got to the upper division classes. Women in all fields of science haven't been held in high regard compared to men for accomplishments of equal importance. As more women continue to pursue science, our generation is changing from a masculine, to a more feminine energy; not just in academics but in all social equality issues. Women are much more outspoken now, than they were before.

Q: Where do you work?

A: I work in the Student Business Office as a peer advisor, basically answering phones and answering questions students have about their student accounts’. I’ve been working there since last year.

Q: What’s something unique about you, that not a lot of people might know?

A: Last quarter I studied abroad in Australia. I stayed mostly in the northeastern part of Australia in a city called Townsville, where I mostly studied biology. Australia has some of the rarest plants and animals on the planet so it was a great opportunity. My favorite memories from the trip were camping in the rainforest and snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef. It’s been hard coming back to school in Washington because I was a lot more carefree in Australia. But here and now I have maintained a solid GPA, been working and paying rent.

                                                         (Benson holds a skink on an interactive wildlife tour in Australia)

Q: What is your ideal date?

A: I would want to do something that I’m better at than my date. I’m very competitive. A movie trivia night would be fun.

Q: What is your idea of a perfect partner?

A: He has to be really smart. Intelligence is the most important to me. But also nice skin and teeth would be nice.

Q: Where do you find daily inspiration?

A: I’m often inspired by new advancements in science whether it’s physics or astronomy. After I graduate I want to be able to contribute to my scientific field, just like all those before me.

                  (One's of Benson's favorite memories of Australia was holding a Koala bear during the wildlife tour in Australia in Spring 2014)

Q: What is a typical day for you like?

A: I have to get up pretty early for either work or classes. When I come home I’m usually just trying to keep up with my homework.  I just like to relax with some Netflix binging when I have time.

Q: What kinds of recreational activities do you like?

A: I played soccer and fast pitch in high school. I’m a pretty fast runner so that always made soccer fun. Now I like to swim and hike more. Camping is my favorite thing.

Q: Are you a cat or dog person?

A: Cats because they are funnier. They’re so angry all time.

Q: What is your biggest pet peeve?

A: I don’t like it when people leave cupboards open or when people talk along with lines in a movie. I shared a bedroom with my sister growing up and whenever she would get up to leave she would leave the dresser door open. Then when I woke up I would always run into the door and it would leave bruises on my legs.


**Photo credit all thanks to Rachel Benson**