Online Resources to De-stress

Has the stress of being almost through the quarter been getting you down? Or have other reasons been causing you to feel stressed, and at times, overwhelmed? Here are a list of some online resources that can help you to de-stress, so you can continue to do your best throughout the remainder of the quarter.



This website allows you to chose from a variety of guided and open-ended meditations, so you can find one that suits you.  With numerous times you can chose from, these meditations are ideal for fitting in between classes or before bed.  Try their free Seven Days of Calm program to spend ten minutes a day learning about mindfulness and meditation.



2. The Thought Room

Created by the Quiet Place Project, the Thought Room allows you to spill whatever is on your mind.  Don’t worry- nobody is going to read it.  Instead, you watch as your thoughts explode into stars and drift away, in to the stillness of the universe.  If you need to vent or left something out, this is the place for you.


3. Liquid Particles

Watch as an array of colored dots follow your cursor across the screen, concentrating in a white ball when they catch up.  Enjoy the array of colors, and let this mindless activity soothe you.


4.  Silk

Use rotational symmetry to create stunning, abstract works of art.  Chose the color, and you’re ready to create something beautiful, and to allow yourself to de-stress and have a moment of mindfulness.