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Meet Next Year’s HC Correspondents Megan Peda and Kylee Morgan

As this school year comes to an end and many students graduate including the current Her Campus correspondents Jessica Fletcher and Laura Horton, we celebrate the new HC correspondents Kylee Morgan and Megan Peda. I connected with them to ask about their experience thus far with Her Campus and what they hoped to see in the future. Read about their responses below!

Meet Kylee Morgan. She is  a Communication major with a Public Relations minor hoping to graduate in Spring 2016. She is from Kirkland or Duvall, WA, "I really can't decide what I call my hometown!"

Megan Peda is a junior from Seattle majoring in Business and Sustainability.

K: I have dabbled in a few things on campus before. I started out with Comm Club which was great! It really let me dip my toes into the different extra-curricular activities that are available on campus. I got into Her Campus after I finished writing for the Western Front and that really has been one of my biggest commitments on campus!

M: I’ve volunteered for a lot of things through our Her Campus chapter like Relay for Life and I am also involved with Western Students Against Violence who is always teaming up with other clubs on campus.

How did you get involved with Her Campus?

K: I first heard of Her Campus through Jessica, our current HC Correspondent. She was in two of my classes and I talked to her about it and it really sounded like something right up my alley. Next thing you know I’m writing content, working on Valentine’s Day events, posting to our Instagram and Pinterest sites and now I’m one of the next campus correspondents! It’s awesome!

M: I had been friends with Laura and Jessica (the current CC’s) since I was a Freshman and when they told me they were starting a Her Campus chapter at WWU I felt like it would be a great way to get more involved at Western.  I wasn’t much of a writer so I joined the marketing and PR team to help get the word out about Her Campus to the rest of the school.


What are your favorite things about working with HC?

K: I really enjoy the freedom of being able to express myself honestly. Her Campus is really about empowering young women to be who they want to be on their campus. I love being able to write about Western and topics related to students and other inspiring women.

M: I love that it has gotten me more involved with WWU overall.  I’ve learned so much about what other students are doing in our community and if it wasn’t for attending a Western Students Against Violence event with girls from Her Campus I wouldn’t be as involved as I am now!

Why are you most excited about being a Her Campus correspondent?

K: I am really excited to work with my new partner Megan Peda! I think we’re going to have a great group of girls next year and I’m really ready to hit the ground running with getting Her Campus known on Western’s campus!

M: Since we are still so new here on campus I can’t wait to create a bigger presence and help more girls get involved to get the most out of their college experience.

What will your role be?

K: As the Campus Correspondent alongside Megan, we will be managing a content writing team and a marketing team for our Chapter. We really will be working on keeping things running smoothly, and creating content and events that our campus wants to see.

M: My biggest role will be heading up the marketing and promotion aspects of Her Campus to connect more with Western and the Bellingham area.

How will you think HC will benefit you in your professional life?

K: Her Campus is such a huge thing! It is a nationally recognized women’s online magazine, and it is an honor to be able to say that I work alongside some incredible ladies. I think the experience that I have had through writing has really benefited my fun writing skills as well at my writing skills with hard topics. Now that I am a correspondent, I really think this will give me some great experience and a good skillset for managing a team!

M: I think it will be a huge benefit! Her Campus is a huge organization and has even been recognized by Forbes magazine so employers will recognize that.  Plus it will show great leadership, team work, and creativity.

What would you tell someone considering joining HC?

K: JOIN! This coming year we are hoping to build a team that is not only strong content and marketing wise, but a team that is close knit who can openly share ideas with each other. It is an incredible experience that really is unique. You can practice skills that are needed in the real world. Writing magazine articles, practicing social media skills, event planning… It is the whole shebang! Plus it looks great on a resume and you actually get published, meaning anyone can read what you write, and it is what you WANT to write about!

M: I’d tell them to do it! If you love writing, have something you’re passionate about, or want to help promote women’s journalism then you’ve come to the right place.

What are your future plans for next year’s WWU HC team?

K: What we know so far is that we are really trying to build our team up, and build it strong! Now that we have one foot in the door, I think we have a better structure thanks to Jessica and Laura! Next year will really be the brace that strengthens that back bone I think!


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