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Last Minute Halloween Costumes Inspired By The Office

Halloween has arrived! It came quickly and you might not have had time to assemble a party winning costume but that doesn’t mean you can’t still throw something creative together. These costumes aren’t only super easy, but they’re also a reference to one of the most popular television shows, The Office. 


Slap a Pumpkin on Your Head

It should rott off in a month or so, and makes it super easy to avoid eye contact with people.



Three Hole Punch [Your Name]

Jim called this, Three Hole Punch Jim. All you need is black paper, tape and scissors. 




Write the word ‘book’ on your face and watch people stare at you trying to figure out your wit. 




What’s in a name? A lot. You can become a whole new person with a sharpie and a sticker. 



Siamese Twin

All it takes is some plaster and paint and suddenly you’ve got the twin you’ve always dreamed for. Talk about conversation starter.



A Sith Lord

Black robe and a lightsaber from the toy section in Target and boom, you’re on the Dark Side. This costume is warm, frightening and the perfect way to show everyone how hyped you are for The Force Awakens.


Need somewhere to wear these awesome costumes? The Upfront Theater has showings of “Hellingham“, a murder mystery improv show. The Dead Parrots Society has their own improv show on campus, titled “The Mischief Night“. And the Rigdeway dorms are hosting trick-or-treating.

Danika is a student at Western Washington University where she is majoring in English Creative Writing and minoring in Writing Studies. She's an avid reader and aspiring young adult/children's literature publisher. Her interests include intramural sports, traveling, Harry Styles, and all things Disneyland. Follow her on twitter or check out her website.
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