Kyle Stella: The Man That Never Sleeps

Everyone knows the sheer weight of a double major. The only thing worse than a double major is a double major in the arts. Kyle Stella, senior at Western is a theater and english major. 

How many projects are you involved in now?

"I am currently involved in 5 projects. A Christmas Carol, two THTR 370 scenes, which I'm acting in for my friends directing class, a personal scene I'm working on with a friend from 'Taming of the Shrew', finally a KCACTF directing scene which I am acting in. And that doesn't include classes I am personally enrolled in."


What are your goals for the rest of the year?

"I would love to act in some of the upcoming productions. Also I hope to get some dramatorgical experience and finish a couple plays that have been collecting cobwebs on my computer."


What are your long term goals?

"After graduating I hope to work in a theater as a dramaturg or as an actor. Joining an acting company is the dream, OSF in Ashland being my favorite. I hope to get to graduate school. Maybe write a book." 


What is your favorite show you have been in?

"Probably Western's production of 'Legally Blonde' last year. Musicals are a lot of fun and getting to work on pop-rock music while belting provides a great deal of enegry! Also I think it has a great message. Take your future into your own hands, for yourself."