Kenna Kloes: Double Minors, Cake, and More!

What are you planning on majoring in? Any minors?

My major is visual journalism and I have a double minor in communications and religious studies

Why did you choose journalism as your major?

I chose this major because  I absolutely love combining aesthetics with words to give the full picture of a person or an event. Photography and design are  amazing mediums for creativity. When you combine them with the story of someone's unique perspective,  magic happens.

What made you decide to double minor instead of just one?

My double minor was born out of a desire to have a better understanding of what drives people and makes them passionate. I'm fascinated by the beliefs people live for, and I love being able to communicate my own faith with grace and awareness.

What are you wanting to do once you graduate from Western?

After college I plan to do a couple of internships. My dream job would be to work for Kinfolk magazine, but there are many publications I would feel privileged to work for in the Northwest.


Are you involved with anything in the Bellingham/Western community?

I'm involved in a young adult ministry just off campus called Ekklesia. Ekklesia is a place for imperfect people to hang out, find community, jam to our incredible worship band, and encounter the greatest love of all time. It's been the place where I've met my closest friends, and it continues to be the place where I feel most at home.I also work at Pure Bliss Desserts downtown. I do wedding consulting with brides to design and order the dessert for one of the biggest parties of their lives! I also do our social media and work behind the counter, serving up delicious cake and coffee to the Bellingham community. It's the greatest job in the world!

When you arent working or doing things with Ekklesia, what do you like to do?

I spend quite a bit of my free time reading or cooking/eating. Books are my first love, but I could easily spend an entire day finding fun new cafe's or trying out recipes. I love taking day or weekend trips to Seattle, Whidbey Island, or towns in Canada looking for the best places to brunch and relax with friends or my boyfriend.


In your opinion, what is the best part about going to WWU?

My favorite part of Western is the community aspect. Everyone here is so friendly and authentic. It's a small enough school that you truly get to know the other students on campus and it's big enough that you're constantly meeting new people who are interesting and unique. 

Any advice for the freshman or new students at Western?

My advice for freshmen would just be to get plugged in! Find something that gets your heart going and commit some time to it and the other people who love it. Community is a saving grace when it comes to the winter days in Bellingham or the tough weeks of finals. You're going to need your people, so it's better to find them sooner rather than later.