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How to Know You’ve Found Your Western Squad

        Ah yes, college is a time of testing your social skills and finding those you call your friends. And more often than not these are the ones that stick around in the long run. these are future bridesmaids, future godparents, shoulders to cry on, people to move in with! But how on earth do you know you’ve potentially found your squad? This easy-to-follow list tells you just SOME of MANY possible signs that you just may have found your friends here at Western!


You’ve got a group chat established

       It’s not real unless you’re phone is constantly blowing up with stupid thoughts and pointless memes. At that point you question which is more depressing, the fact that your friends keep sending you memes or the fact that you keep laughing at them




They’re your filter   

        If any male on earth believes they are texting a girl and this girl is the only one actively responding, they are wrong. Lord knows that squad has screenshots of every flirty remark, every compliment, and ESPECIALLY every mess-up these boys make. The group chat never fails to blow up about possible responses or feedback. In addition to flirting for you, they are often the ones telling you that your man is garbage, or that cute boy on Tinder is not nearly as cute as you think because you are in fact, drunk as hell. 



You’re constantly planning ahead

    Whether it be what the squad is getting for dinner and what time they’re meeting, who gets to stand where at the wedding, or where the squad will move in together, you know you’ve found your people if your near and distant future has their name cameoed in your thoughts.



Everyone has a place and a role in squad

The roles include (and are not limited to):

The Child: Cannot be left unattended with ANYTHING that can may alter their sense of judgement. One moment they’re just taking sips, the next they’re streaking across red square, headed straight for the fountain. They’re a crucial part of the squad because they remind you to not always take life too seriously.

The Mom: There typically can be up to two moms per squad, but the mom usually makes sure the other members of the squad are happy, well fed, clothed, are getting decent grades, and are not drunk texting/etc. Usually the caregiver.

The Main Hoe: Usually proclaims when they need attention, also the most fashionable of squad. There for sass, wit, aesthetics, and telling you that the guy over there isn’t as cute as you think, and you should not make a move.

The Voice of Reason: Otherwise known as the “Therapist”, the voice of reason is usually the gut feeling you’re lacking. This ones the one that gives relationship advice depsite being single. This is the one that tells you the McDonalds trip at 3am is not a good idea. Typically wise beyond their years, they’re the ones that you lean on most frequenty. They usually tagteam parent with the mom of the group.

The Social Butterfly: They’re with you for one moment, then at a completely different party the next. Spending time with them is fleeting but you know the bond is real, and their absence is noted.

The Party Animal: Always looking for locations to turn up, always has the hookups, always knows how to have fun. Usually bonding closest with the child of the group, if you’re looking to have a good time you know that this crucial member of squad will make it a personal mission to make you forget about whatever troubles you may be going through in life.

The Token Male: Literally just there for back massages and a male perspective on boy troubles we’re having. Other than that they provide raunchy humor that we would otherwise blush away at, but because he’s squad we keel over laughing.



It is VERY noticeable when a member is missing

A missing squad member is more than just an empty chair. It could be the most quiet member of the clan but there will always be some prevailing voice over the dinner table exclaiming “Hey where’s _______?” It not only says we care, but it shows that squad is complete.


They know how to heal you

One time a squad member was drunk-sobbing into a trash can, and a fellow member walks in, assesses the situation, and promptly says “bitch, why you cryin?” For some reason that eased the tension.

Another time, someone was going through a rough patch and in a heartbeat all squad members were attentively there with chocolate and ice cream to help heal the wounds of a fallen squad member.

You know you’ve found your people when they know which tears call for excessive healings and moments of silence, and which ones require humor and brushing off. and no matter what squad will be there to wipe your tears with no judgement

You feel each others vibes

            When a member of squad is hurting, everyone is hurting. When a member of squad is feeling victorious, we all share the celebration. You know you’ve found your people if every emotion is subconsciously shared.    



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