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How to Have a Nice Spring Staycation

A Staycation: giving yourself a break by simply staying at home.


Ah yes, the almighty spring break is coming back to give all of us tired students some time to explore. Some are going to extravagant places like Cabo and Miami and other wildly expensive locations. If you’re anything like me, you don’t have the time nor the money to even THINK about going to such places! SO here are some ways you can make the most of your time at home this spring break.




Sleep and sleep a lot. Oh my gosh, THINK about how rough this quarter was for you. Everyone I’ve asked said that this quarter in particular was a significantly rough one. And rough it was! Treat yo self by getting some well deserved rest. So stay up late and binge watch some shows, sleep in the next day. Or if that’s not your style, hit the sack early and clock in some definitely well deserved snooze hours.


Visit Your Roots

Yes, visit your hometown if you can! Go home, tell your family how your quarter went, make out with a person you went to highschool with and found on Tinder, go see a movie with your siblings. After a long and tiresome quarter, coming back to feel the nostalgia of your hometown will be a breath of fresh air.  



As well as resting, find some time to reconnect with those you lost touch with throughout the quarter. With a job, four classes, and extracurriculars to tackle, I know that it certainly got tough to keep all of my major ties together unless they actively participated as well. So take a day or two to get some coffee with someone you miss, or make a phone call to your parents, or go visit home and see your dog/cat/goldfish. Your family will appreciate seeing you, whether it be family that’s related to you or the family you have chosen.


Date Yourself



This one’s a tough one. We live in a day in age where most people are scared of going out alone. That needs to end now. Going out alone give you peace. It gives you time to think, reflect on the quarter, clear your head, and spend less. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your new favorite cafe, bookstore, clothing store, etc. You’ll get to know yourself and your surroundings even more than you already know them now. And after the hectic hustle-and-bustle winter quarter gave you, you’ll definitely revel in the peace and quiet.




I know it seems rough. The last thing you want to do is work. But honestly, money is money and if picking up an extra shift or asking around to see if any kids need to be babysat means that you can get yourself something nice without crying, then go for it! Your wallet will thank you later for it. Even if this means brushing the dust off of your textbooks and finally getting around to selling them!


Get Organized

Yes. This is the time to mentally prepare yourself for the storm that is spring quarter. So give yourself a (perhaps false) sense of productivity by doing some cleaning, writing some lists, color coating some things, what have you! Nothing feels better than coming back from break fully prepared and ready to take on the world!


So have a safe break, whether it be getting drunk in Cabo or getting drunk on the porch of your parents’ house, make it a good one.


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